917 Cedar Av. S. Minneapolis, MN 55404


Upcoming events at this venue: 

New Primitives and Frogleg (08/29)
The Slamming Doors and Buckrodney (08/30)
Jake Illka & the Heavy Set (09/04)
Blue Felix, Tepetricy, Smiling Politely and City of the Weak (09/05)
Mr. Vegas (09/06)
The Plott Hounds, Shine Jar and the Dead Willow (09/11)
Mark Joseph & the American Soul (09/12)
Lamont Cranston Band, Bob Bingham and Curtis Blake (09/13)
Twin Cities Sneaker Art Xchange (09/14)
Problem (09/16)
#Mpls (09/18)
Jon Wayne and the Pain with Cosby Sweater, Burbillies and Pho (09/19)
Devon Worley Band (09/25)
Curtiss A & the Cold Cold Hearts (09/26)
The Suburbs (09/27)
J Boog, Fortunate Youth and Ease Up (09/28)
Carnage the Executioner, Illogic and PCP (10/02)
Pho and Hustle Rose (10/03)
Crankshaft & the Gear Grinders (10/09)
International Reggae All-Stars (10/17)
Big Smo (10/18)
Polish Ambassador (10/22)
White Empress, Plague of Stars and Splitdriven (10/30)
The Werks vs. Zoogma (11/06)
Zach Deputy & Hot Buttered Rum (11/07)
Ty Dolla $ign (11/14)