Crescent Moon Bakery

2339 Central Av. NE Minneapolis, MN 55418

Capsule review:

It may not be the Twin Town's most glam thoroughfare, but Central Avenue in northeast Minneapolis is not without attractions, particularly among its parade of far-flung food establishments, including this Afghani-American counter-service gem. The food is fresh, cheap and delicious. There are a half-dozen sandwiches, but don't expect a drab ham-and-cheese sub. What you get are beautiful brown pies filled with cheeses,spinach, lamb and other savory ingredients and paired with a cool garlic, mint and yogurt sauce or a kicking jalapeno, cilantro and vinegar relish. The menu also includes pizza, made with robust, chewy crusts, a well-seasoned red sauce and a variety of fresh toppings, sold by the slice or in a variety of whole-pie sizes. The bargain-priced baked goods are a treat, too, including a knock-out baklava (made with either walnuts or pistachios) a dense carrot cake, a super-moist banana cake and a delicate rosewater-flavored pastry. The kitchen also makes its own candy, a sweet pistachio and rosewater confection called sheerparah. (Rick Nelson, )

Price: $