Aster Cafe

125 SE. Main St. Minneapolis, MN 55414
Mon.-Fri. 11 am. to midnight, Sat.-Sun.9 am-midnight

A cozy spot with live music located in St. Anthony Main.

Capsule review:

Beyond its sprawling New Orleans-style courtyard, this civilized venue offers live music most nights, light bites designed to share, and plenty of libations for pairing. This is romance, and the rest is up to you. Mecca Bos ( , )

Price: $


American casual

Upcoming events at this venue: 

Simon Balto (12/23)
Winterset (12/26)
Off the Cuff (12/28)
Tim Houlihan (01/02)
Machinery Hill with the Sons (01/03)
Max Dvorak and Preston Gunderson (01/06)
Gary Rue & the Pittifield Four (01/07)
The Changeups (01/08)
Family Three (01/09)
Vickey Emerson (01/10)
The Gentlemen's Anti-Temperance League (01/11)
Bill Giese (01/15)
Benny K and Mary Bue (01/16)
Dan Rodriguez (01/17)
Paul Renz (01/18)
The Skally Line (01/22)
The Westies (01/23)
Verskotzi and Jourdan Myers (01/24)
King Wilkie's Dream (01/29)
Callaghan (01/30)
Basement Apartment and Jaime Ness (01/31)