My Burger - Downtown

601 Marquette Av. S. Minneapolis, MN 55402

Capsule review:

"Just burgers, fries and Malts." This small, cheery, counter-service shop has made the fast-food burger relevant once again by keeping things simple. The burgers are tops in their class: Juicy, meaty quarter-pound patties, tucked inside buns browned in butter on the griddle; The double burgers are twice as good, and the mini-burgers, two to a serving, lose nothing in translation. The fantastic fries bear all the right attributes: long, thin, golden, crispy and piping hot. And the thick malts are a combination of honest-to-goodness scoops of ice cream, milk and malt powder and mixed to order. They even deliver. (Rick Nelson, 2/2/2006)

Price: $


American casual