Totally Gross National Party

Boosted by its namesake label’s affiliations with Lizzo and Poliça over the past few years, the fifth annual Totally Gross National Party probably could have moved up to First Ave — but that’s not how the TGNP crew operates. The big lineup in the tiny room includes some of co-founder Ryan Olson’s various projects, including Marijuana Deathsquads and the new duo Taggert and Rosewood (with Solid Gold’s Zach Coulter), plus such Olson friends and proteges as Allan Kingdom, Leisure Birds, Pony Bwoy, Votel and Alpha Consumer. The show stealer, though, should be Fog, the old vehicle of the Cloak Ox’s Andrew Broder with new material under the hood. Chris Riemenschneider

Price: $12



2528 Nicollet Av. SMinneapolis, MN


Date: Ended 08/23/14

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