Coco Montoya

Blues guitar star Coco Montoya is touring in support of a July release called, "Songs From The Road," a two-CD live album that has some of his old fans carping. Not bluesy enough, not enough guitar soloing, too much keyboard -- those are the main complaints, stated often. But the blowback seems pretty narrow-minded. Let's play devil's advocate and say that Coco's surprising cover of the old Mary Wells hit, "The One That Really Loves You," shows his breadth and taste, and has one of the best vocals he's ever laid down. Also that one trick ponies too often make for boring rides, and a little less guitar flash, on balance, ain't a bad thing at all. Tom Surowicz


Minnesota Music Cafe

449 Payne Av.St. Paul, MN


Date: Ended 08/22/14

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