Ink Babel

Minnesota artist Andrea Carlson returns to Bockley Gallery with “Ink Babel,” an impressive new 60-panel ink-and-oil painting. Arranged in a grid 10 feet tall by 15 feet wide, the panels depict a surrealistic, monochrome landscape populated with feral creatures, spirit figures, watchtowers, spaceships, insects, helicopters and imaginative devices. Since earning her MFA at Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2005, Carlson has exhibited her work at museums and galleries from Fargo to New York, Toronto, London and Venice. Last year drawings from her 2009-11 “VORE” series were included in the group show “Sakahan: International Indigenous Art” at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa. In September her new work will be at the Plug In Institute for Contemporary Art in Winnipeg. Catch this rising star. Mary Abbe.


Bockley Gallery

2123 W. 21st St.Minneapolis, MN

Date: Ended 09/13/14