Rick Estrin & the Nightcats

If you like your blues served with a big dollop of jive, check out Rick Estrin & the Nightcats. Estrin's a fine harp player and passable singer, a sharp-dressed fella who comes off like some long-lost nephew of Groucho Marx. He used to get second billing to guitarist Little Charlie Baty, but has since found a young Norwegian guitarist, Kid Anderson -- a real showstopper, whose guitar features might wander off into surf, psychobilly, Link Wray or spaghetti Western territory. He's both dazzling and shameless, the roaring lion amid this group of nocturnal cats, and well worth the cover charge by himself. Tom Surowicz

Price: $8


Famous Dave's BBQ & Blues

3001 Hennepin Av.Minneapolis, MN


Date: Ended 08/29/14

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