Alone & Together

In the bleak winter landscapes of his adopted state, Minneapolis-based painter Teo Nguyen finds a serenity that Minnesota natives may overlook. His canvasses, up to 4 feet square, capture the brooding gray skies of February arcing over bare snow-lashed fields and the crumpled stubble left by corn and soybeans. Low-lying sheds and rude barns crouch on the horizon, silent sentinels in an empty world. For Nguyen, who arrived in the United States from war-torn Vietnam at 16, these vast fields are mysterious places “both tender and peaceful.” Remove the toy-sized buildings and the scenes dissolve into abstractions. That’s not surprising since he is equally skilled at abstraction, as seen in several beautiful pieces long displayed at the Hair District Salon in Uptown, where he works as a stylist. As an immigrant artist, Nguyen says he is “always a stranger to what I see; always slightly outside.” Perhaps. But he has found true north in his eloquent paintings. Mary Abbe


Burnet Gallery

901 Hennepin Av. S.Minneapolis, MN

Date: Ended 09/1/14