Square Lake Film & Music Festival

A small-by-design arty summer camp-out, the Square Lake Music & Film Festival boasts the biggest small band in Minnesota indie-rock as headliner, Low, who always seems to slip in one memorable, unique outdoor show per summer. More in the truly one-of-a-kind territory, Nona Marie’s women’s vocal group Anonymous Choir will debut an original live score for the 1975 animated short “Aucassin and Nicolette” and Charlie Parr will play in the barn at night’s end. Twang man Frankie Lee, Sarah White’s neo-soul buzz band Shiro Dame, fuzzy rockers Carroll and Ruben and pipa specialist Gao Hang also perform. Riemenschneider

Price: $10 - $25


Square Lake Film & Music Festival

13359 Partridge Rd. N.Stillwater, MN


Date: Ended 08/9/14