Paradise, Paved: An Oil Painter's Exploration of the Suburbs

In “Paradise, Paved,” Scott Lloyd Anderson scrutinizes the unlovely parking lots, traffic signs, fast-food joints, tract houses, gas stations, convenience stores, big-box emporiums, awkward planters and exuberant signage of suburbia. These are aggressively charmless vistas, cluttered with arrows, barricades, bumpers, hoses, trash cans, traffic cones and other eyesores that he often accentuates to humorous effect. In “Utility Box” he dwarfs a new home by front-and-centering the oversized power cube that supplies its essential energy. “Shadows on Top of the Ramp” features the back ends of cars and the bulbous shadows they cast on a sweltering summer day. “Blue Sign” highlights a bright rectangle of color in a monotonous parking grid on a gray day. Anderson’s sketchy style and schematic subjects challenge conventional notions of what a landscape might be. But, as he says, “Why not?” Mary Abbe


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