The Goddamn Gallows and In Defence

Given their publicity photo, Goddamn Gallows’ bio claim that they lived in abandoned buildings and squatter camps is entirely believable (how do ya think they’d get along with Man Overboad?). But don’t let song titles such as “Y’all Motherfuckers Need Jesus” and “Everybody Dies” fool you — along with its switchblades, the grimy and twangy psychobilly fivesome packs a swingin’ and approachable sound. GDG calls its style “gutterbilly,” but let’s go ahead and christen it as skiffle-core. The Rust Belt-originated ruffians are touring in support of their just-dropped fifth album, “The Maker.” Locals In Defence and Nihilterrmos open. Jay Boller

Price: $8 - $10


Triple Rock Social Club

629 Cedar Av. S.Minneapolis, MN


Date: Ended 05/27/14

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