Jerome Emerging Printmakers Exhibition

After nine months of experimenting, three winners of Jerome Foundation fellowships will show and discuss their new work at Highpoint Center for Printmaking. The Jerome grants paid for access to Highpoint’s expertise and equipment which the three have pushed to the max. Rather than print on paper, Lindsay Splichal has created a sculptural installation using printing plates, screens and other equipment found in the print shop. Trained as an architect, Michael Gordon scrounged a building site and returned with bits of burlap, plaster and other construction materials that he used as matrices for printing. Some of his prints are simply white sheets lightly embossed with designs made by pressing damp paper into the repurposed construction materials, others are more traditional inked abstractions. Hend Al-Mansour embellishes her prints with calligraphy and imagery alluding to her Middle Eastern heritage. Mary Abbe


Highpoint Center for Printmaking

912 W. Lake St.Minneapolis, MN

Date: Ended 07/3/14