Two of the most inspired roots-rock albums of this decade -- "Wages Of Sin" and "The Why and the What For" -- are both by the same Milwaukee band, John Sieger's revived and rejuvenated Semi-Twang. Maybe taking 23 years to follow up their 1988 major label debut was the secret, or perhaps Sieger is the most fertile late bloomer since Cezanne. More likely, it's just that he has his favorite band of musical brothers back together, including actual brother Mike on bass. Whatever. The soulful, guitar-driven Semi-Twang is fully cool, and Sieger is cranking out one droll and hook-filled gem after another. If you like great in-the-tradition songwriters -- from Dylan, Prine and Fogerty, to such Sieger friends and occasional collaborators as Robbie Fulks, the Skeletons and Phil Lee -- Semi-Twang should be on your radar. The more you hear, the more you'll want. Tom Surowicz

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