Jordis Unga

As another Twin Cities tattooed rock ’n’ roll frontwoman works her way into the finals of NBC’s “The Voice” (Kat Perkins, who’ll be profiled in Sunday’s Star Tribune), her predecessor Jordis Unga returns to the local stage to promote a long-overdue album, appropriately titled “A Letter From Home.” The Forest Lake native came in fifth in “The Voice’s” second season and was four wins away from becoming the replacement singer in INXS on CBS’s series “Rock Star” series in 2005. The shows tied her up professionally in Los Angeles for a few years, but she’s finally going about it DIY with a soulful, girl-group-inspired new sound. Chris Riemenschneider

Price: $15


Fine Line Music Café

318 1st Av. N.Minneapolis, MN


Date: Ended 04/26/14

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