Zach Neil

What's a straightahead Nashville country singer doing playing a no-cover Minneapolis blues and roots bar on an off-night? Trying to make new fans the old-fashioned way, it would seem. Zach Neil migrated to Music City from his birthplace of Ontario, Canada, some years ago. When he's not ably recycling hits by Garth Brooks ("Friends In Low Places") Hank, Jr. ("Family Tradition"), and Waylon Jennings ("I've Always Been Crazy"), Mr. Neil will treat you to original songs from his December 2013 release, "Horses To Ride." His ruddy baritone may remind you of Randy Travis, before he went off the rails. Somewhere along the line, Zach became a big favorite on the campuses of St. John's and St. Benedict's, where he appears often. Now he's trying out Minneapolis, parking his pony near Lake Street. Tom Surowicz

Price: Free


Schooner Tavern

2901 27th Av. S.Minneapolis, MN


Date: Ended 04/30/14