Ray Bonneville

Sounding like a cross between the late J.J. Cale and Greg Brown, though bleaker and rougher, and frankly less gifted, Ray Bonneville celebrates his new Red House Records release "Easy Gone." Perhaps celebrates is the wrong verb, since "Easy Gone" is filled with downbeat, spare, world-weary songs, including the miserable new modern murder ballad, "Love Is Wicked," and a fitting cover of Hank Williams’ "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry." The Austin, Texas-based singer, tasty guitarist and harmonica man has crafted an album that would go well with half a bottle of something 100 proof. A cheerful little earful it ain't, but Bonneville does manage to make his lost love songs and deserted road songs pretty insidious and contagious. Tom Surowicz

Price: $12


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