City's Edge

Michael Banning teaches in Chicago but seems to have left his heart in the Twin Cities, where he lived for a decade and whose industrial outskirts are the subjects of his “City’s Edge” show at Groveland. While Hofmann’s images are studies in tone, Banning’s can be read as lessons in perspective. The towered skyline of downtown Minneapolis is the distant focal point of several paintings, glimmering at the juncture where a cracked ribbon of asphalt disappears into its heart. In the foreground, shrubs or clumps of grass or graffiti-ed semitrailers slumber in industrial parking lots under still summer skies or in brooding winter light. Though executed with photorealist precision, Banning’s images are warmer and more painterly than that label implies, whether he’s capturing the watery luminosity of melting snow or the blue shadows of dirt heaps on the city’s industrial edge. Mary Abbe.


Groveland Gallery

25 Groveland TerraceMinneapolis, MN

Date: Ended 06/7/14