Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill

The duo of Irish fiddler Martin Hayes and Chicago guitarist Dennis Cahill certainly get around and network. These traditional Celtic musicians have collaborated with Bill Frisell, Paul Simon, Ricky Skaggs, Bruce Hornsby, Alison Krauss Glen Hansard, and chamber classical champs Brooklyn Rider, to name a few. Plus their "experimental" band the Gloaming's self-titled release recently stormed the Irish indie music charts, and gathered rave reviews. It's a rather haunting disc. And after close to two decades of collaboration, there's no denying the duo's empathy, commitment, grace and "chops" -- heck, Hayes had won six all-Ireland fiddle championships by age 19. Tom Surowicz

Price: $20 - $25


Celtic Junction

836 Prior Av.St. Paul, MN


Date: Ended 05/16/14