Vistas and Cityscapes

Minneapolis painter Don Holzschuh has mellowed over the years, leaving behind the loose paint and high-keyed colors of his downtown streetscapes from the 1970s and ’80s when new office towers loomed and artists occupied warehouses in what’s now the sports district. For his new show of “Vistas & Cityscapes,” Holzschuh has turned his attention to cafes, parks and residential neighborhoods and recorded the Old World charm of the cobbled alleys and leafy gardens along St. Paul’s Maiden’s Lane. Packing his easel off to the countryside, he found inspiration in the lush river valley’s of Southeastern Minnesota. An affectionate interpreter of Minnesota at its best, Holzschuh welcomes spring with a new show of luscious, color-saturated canvases. Mary Abbe


Douglas Flanders & Associates

818 W. Lake St.Minneapolis, MN

Date: Ended 05/10/14