R100 (reviewed, ⋆⋆⋆)

Review: To call this Midnight Movie entry “not for everyone” is understating it. But connoisseurs of weird, twisted sex comedy will revel in its transgressive, audacious mischief. Hitoshi Matsumoto’s film follows a milquetoast salaryman who enlivens his dull existence by signing a yearlong contract with a strange S & M escort agency. The firm dispatches dominatrixes to dish out comically harsh thrashings in public, at work, even at home. He should have read the contract’s fine print: There’s no escape clause. Nao Ohmori underplays deliciously as the hapless client even as the film opens up outrageous new subplots and metafictional detours that further multiply the lunacy. (100 min.) Colin Covert

Price: $6 - $12


St. Anthony Main Theater

115 SE. Main St.Minneapolis, MN


Date: Ended 04/13/14