“Look where I’ve come since I was 17,” Heiruspecs’ lead rapper Felix charges in the opening moments of his group’s first album in seven years. Minnesota’s live hip-hop pioneers since forming at St. Paul’s Central High School — nobody here was rapping with a band in 1997 — they are now some of the youngest vets of the scene in their 30s. Taking time out to gain educations, jobs, wives, etc., they did almost everything in the interim except mellow. “Night Falls” is less like the mindfully fun albums of old and more the nervous, tense roller-coaster ride that is mid-life. And it’s as much a rock record as hip-hop, with guitarist Josh Peterson especially turning mean while drummer Peter Leggett kicks the root down Beasties-style. They’re sticking to their true hometown for a release party with fellow East Siders Allan Kingdom and Dem Atlas opening. Chris Riemenschneider

Price: $12 - $14


Amsterdam Bar & Hall

6 W. 6th St.St. Paul, MN


Date: Ended 04/26/14

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