Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger and Syd Arthur

After a tepidly received career launch via the Beastie Boys’ label in the late-’90s, Sean Lennon is taking a more laid-back and way more fun approach with Ghost of a Saber Tooth, a hazy-headed, lackadaisically rocking band he formed with his longtime girlfriend, model-turned-musician Charlotte Kemp Muhl. Their new self-released album, “Midnight Sun,” boasts a lazy-Sunday, boy/girl-in-a-bubble pop charm and Flaming Lips-style sonic shenanigans, the Lips being frequent collaborators with Sean and his mom, Yoko Ono. Sure, it also sounds a lot like Papa Lennon’s late-’60s output — or, more specifically, George Harrison’s — but what psychedelic pop/rock band doesn’t? British folk-rock band Syd Arthur opens. Chris Riemenschneider

Price: $15


7th Street Entry

7th St. and 1st Av. N.Minneapolis, MN


Date: Ended 05/30/14

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