The man who gently revolutionized Hawaiian music three decades ago is actually a guitar marvel from New Jersey, of Irish descent, Barry Flanagan. He's had several native Hawaiian partners over the years in the groundbreaking little band HAPA, which at its core is an acoustic duo, or trio with electric bass, often augmented by spoken word artists and hula dancers. Flanagan's mission has been to contemporize and popularize Hawaiian sounds, without unduly diluting them, and he's done a bang-up job. HAPA features typically gorgeous vocal harmonies in addition to always dazzling guitar licks. It's slack key pop, for sure, with nods to singer-songwriters of the James Taylor/Kenny Rankin school, and to crossover jazz. But as fusions go, HAPA's music is consistently quite good, inspiring loyal fans around the globe. Tom Surowicz

Price: $35


Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant

1010 Nicollet MallMinneapolis, MN


Date: Ended 03/10/14

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