Cloud Nothings and Photomartyr

With the aforementioned John Congleton’s help, Cleveland noise-punks Cloud Nothings come closer than ever to capturing their spazzy, riotous live energy on record with the new album “Here and Nowhere Else.” The quartet’s wall of guitars crash and burn in Japandroids/Trail of the Dead fashion, and for Twin Cities fans the echoes of “Flip Your Wig”-era Hüsker Dü melodic angst should hit home. But the live show is still the best way to get to know this underrated band. Detroit openers Protomartyr show traces of post-Stooges Iggy and early Nick Cave on their debut. Chris Riemenschneider

Price: $15


Turf Club

1601 W. University Av.St. Paul, MN


Date: Ended 05/1/14

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