David Broza

Israeli singer-songwriter David Broza is trying to use his new album, “East Jerusalem/West Jerusalem,” to promote peace in the Middle East. He’s put together songs about peaceful coexistence with the help of musicians from Palestine, Israel and the United States (Broza lived in New Jersey for nearly two decades). Guests include Wyclef Jean and Palestinian hip-hop duo G-Town. The recording — which features lyrics in English and Hebrew, multi-ethnic sounds and covers of peacenik songs by Cat Stevens and Nick Lowe — was produced by Steve Earle, who knows his way around music with a political message. This new project is quite a contrast to Broza’s previous album, “Night Dawn,” for which he wrote music for unpublished poems by the late Texas songwriting legend Townes Van Zandt. Jon Bream

Price: $40 - $45


Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant

1010 Nicollet MallMinneapolis, MN


Date: Ended 04/2/14

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