Run Boy Run and the Ericksons

Garrison Keillor became an instant fan of Run Boy Run when he saw them play for three hours straight, unamplified, at a party. Keillor wound up writing a very enthusiastic back cover endorsement for their new CD, "So Sang The Whippoorwill," and it's definitely "Prairie Home"-compatible music -- a mix of old-timey, bluegrass, traditional folk and original Americana fare. The Arizona quintet features three winsome female singers, and is distinguished by the use of both cello and bass violin. You can stream their whole album at the website. I'd start with their tasty transformation of the old Joan Baez favorite, "Silver Dagger." Tom Surowicz

Price: $8 - $10


Turf Club

1601 W. University Av.St. Paul, MN


Date: Ended 03/20/14

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