How to Be a Feminist: Investigations From the Women's Art Institute

This smart show offers a wide-ranging sample of work by 11 participants in the Women’s Art Institute, which for 15 years has challenged and nurtured women seeking to refine and focus their art. The work is nuanced and potent, even when dealing with topics as difficult as U.S. military deaths, abuse and male-female power struggles. There are also personal images, abstractions and playful diversions. The most emotionally affecting piece is “Suicide Survivor’s Club: A Family’s Journey Through the Death of Their Loved One,” a series of little books by graphic artist Laurie Phillips about a family’s emotional upheaval following the suicide of a husband and father of three. Phillips’ imaginative watercolors, shifting perspectives and whimsical cartoons set just the right tone, conveying the tragedy’s pain and resolution without sentimental pathos. Mary Abbe


Catherine G. Murphy Gallery

2004 Randolph Av.St. Paul, MN

Date: Ended 03/23/14