Katy Perry

Rolling Stone’s green-haired cover girl will arrive with colorful wigs, cartoonish costumes and irresistible hits. She is as resourceful as a performer as she is crafty as a songwriter. For her Prismatic World Tour, she’ll swing over the balcony, ride an animatronic horse and skip rope in high heels. As a pop force, she’s unrivaled. She’s the undisputed digital queen, with more than 72 million downloads, and the most followed person on Twitter, with 55 million followers and counting. From “Firework” to “Birthday,” her show promises to be an effervescent, glow-in-the-dark evening that should appeal equally to young girls and their moms. Opening is Kacey Musgraves, the clever country singer who hasn’t gained much traction despite winning the prestigious Grammy for country album of the year. Jon Bream

Price: $29.50 - $127.50


Target Center

600 1st Av. N.Minneapolis, MN


Date: Ended 08/22/14

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