Midtown Global Music Festival

Last year's Midtown Global Music Festival drew over 9000 people, and the free multi-culti event with indoor and outdoor stages will likely be even bigger this time. It's all about diversity. You'll experience a South American duo (Ina-Yukka), a Native American drumming group (Hoka Hey Singers), an Aztec dance troupe (Kalpulli Ketzalcoatlicue), an esteemed veteran of the Chicago blues scene (Barbara LeShoure), a justly popular local jazz duo (Charmin Michelle & Joel Shapira), a West African combo (Duniya Drum and Dance), a country band (2/3rds MN), a Scandinavian folkie (Ross Sutter), a homegrown veteran pop star (Michael Johnson), and a salsa group (Q-Band). And if there's ants in your pants and you need to dance, there will be lessons in Middle Eastern dancing, belly dancing, and salsa dancing, too. Meanwhile, the food at the Midtown Global Market is always just as diverse. And though not free, it's reasonably priced. Tom Surowicz


Midtown Global Market

920 E. Lake St.Minneapolis, MN


Date: Ended 07/19/14